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Find BALANCE in a World that creates Stress and Mental Disruption.

Find a POSITIVE way to listen to your Body bringing a certain Clarity and Calm when current Stress is relieved.


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To RELIEVE Pain, REDUCE Anxiety and Depression,

and EXPERIENCE a more Restful Sleep.  

Working towards  PEAK  PERFORMANCE?  Then take Preventative Measures against 

Debilitation to Your Cells being caused by Excessive Stress in Your Life.

Increased Stress in your life increases Cortisol in the Brain, a necessary hormone, although when there is too much it may create the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response, creating emotional and physical setbacks.

CALL me NOW to Schedule an appointment TODAY - I would work with you over the Internet having found success with this in the past.

I feel sure you will come away feeling more relaxed, focused and more ready

to face what lies ahead.  I am a qualified Reiki Master.  High Energy levels are

delivered.  I also work with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) The Tapping Solution.  Click here for my Service Rates.


It is acknowledged that Reiki, EFT and Aroma Treatments are Stress Management skills and are administered for that purpose. 


Reiki, EFT or Aroma Practitioners do not diagnose conditions.