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Stress Relief     
Often Stress is brought about from negative outside influences affecting the Emotional and Electromagnetic Fields which may cause blockages or irregularities in the Aura as well as the Cells.  Stress affects every organ and cell in the body and can be very debilitating.  It has been found that Stress contributes to the Aging Process.
Therapeutic Reiki sessions would be instrumental in progressively clearing these blockages also offering relaxation to alleviate the stress embodied in the Emotional Field bringing about Stress Relief for the recipient which would in turn allow a more reliable form when participating in Meditation.  At the same time offering the Immune System Support and developing in time the ability to operate at Peak Performance.    
Immune System Support

Reiki is used as a complementary remedy for the Immune System alongside rather than instead of Medical or other means such as Prescribed Medications or adequate Diet including necessary Supplements, and in conjunction with Medical Advice. 


Stress and contact with germs and disease can reduce the effects of the Immune System in upholding the Health of the Physical Body causing imbalance in the energy flow, (Chi) 


Usually Medications can kill the germs involved but may not re-balance the Immune System, whereas Reiki may. Thus increasing the effectiveness of the Immune System.




Peak Performance

When excessive stress has been eliminated and the Immune System and all Body Systems are at their optimum then, with all being in balance, the Mental, Emotional and Physical Body will be able to operate at Peak Performance.


At this stage the occasional Reiki session should be all that is necessary to keep the System running at its best. 


More frequent Reiki sessions, becoming necessary, should the Body be subjected to additional Stress, or when the Immune or other Bodily Systems become out of condition or under attack. 


Reiki is used as a complementary remedy alongside, rather than instead of, Medical or other means such as Physiotherapy.

Distance Reiki

As mobile phones, radio and television waves can be sent over distances, so too can Reiki.  The senders and receivers are usually Human although Reiki can be transmitted to Animals, Fish or Plants. 


Science today is now understanding Reiki, as a detectable form of Life Force Energy rather than an elusive 'magical' Energy. 


There have been many occasions where the Recipient felt as if the Practitioner was there doing the session in person.  With Distance Reiki quality results are still achievable.

I am a qualified Reiki Master.  I also use Essential Oils within my Consultations.

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