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My first Reiki Treatment with Christine was phenomenal.  After struggling with stress & sleepless nights, I immediately felt relaxed, and an overwhelming sense of peace.  A calm energy flowed throughout my body, mind & soul.  I felt a greater sense of space & balance during & after my session    I also felt valued, respected & intuitively listened to. Thank you Christine for sharing your healing gifts, insight & knowledge with me & for a truly wonderful experience. - Sunny

During Reiki treatments, I feel calm and relaxed.  The serenity is beneficial for quietening my racing mind.  This is what's assisting me in trying to achieve healthy well-being, that's balanced.  Christine is a very lovely, kind and generous Reiki Master, and she does as much as possible to aid me in feeling warmth, that you would have with a friend.  Thank you Christine for all your help.  Much appreciated. ~ Theresa

My Reiki treatments over the past year from Christine have been extremely beneficial for my health & wellbeing. I have felt relaxed, relief from pain and have found Reiki to be useful for finding solutions to challenging problems. Christine's friendly, kind and professional approach was appealing to me and I would definitely recommend the experience. ~ Sheree

I had reiki done for the first time with Cristine, it's an unbelievable experience that I can't describe. After two sessions, I feel a lot less stressed and at peace, I would recommend Cristine from Reiki Chi Assist to anyone if they have a block in there life. Thank you Cristine ~ Susan

The Reiki Treatment helped me feel calm and relaxed.  When I listened to the music I felt at peace.  The Essential Oils smelt delicious and it was so nice and relaxing.  I would recommend Christine's Reiki Treatment for anyone who feels stressed or just wants to take some time out of a busy day to relax and feel pampered.  ~ Clara

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