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 Reiki  by Qualified REIKI MASTER

(High Energy Levels Delivered)

Packages Available

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                               Reiki Sessions may be Transmitted by Distance

via - whereby.com, Zoom or Messenger

All times mentioned are approximate

Introductory Session  ...90  minute -  $95

Includes talk on what to expect from Reiki,

 Reiki Energy Healing Session, Verbal Report  

  Reiki Treatment.......30  minute -  $50

Saving You  both Time and Money.

Inclusive of Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment discussions.

This is for subsequent treatments following other Services only

Reiki Connection........... 45  minutes - $60

inclusive of Pre-Treatment

and Post-Treatment discussions.

   Reiki Energy Healing.....60  minute -  $85

   Per Hour of our Time inclusive of Pre-Treatment

   and Post-Treatment discussions.

Verbal Report included if required

 Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

  Information upon request 


Forensic Healing

               Information upon request                     

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Family Packages Available

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By Appointment Only
all times mentioned are approximate 

WHAT  IS  REIKI:       

Reiki is a Non-invasive practice which involves the Balancing of and realigning of the natural Meridians and Energy Centres (Chakras - Funnels of Chi Energy) within your body.  You are only required to remove your watch and shoes.  Reiki is administered with you lying on a Reiki table or sitting in a chair. - Reiki is safe for all ages (I have a WWCC).  Reiki brings forth a better frame of mind to participate in Meditation.  In turn Meditation brings about an optimized outlook on LIFE.HAT  IS  R