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Acknowledgement of FEAR

May 10, 2016

FEAR and STRESS Part 1


I have found within my own experience and in dealing with others that FEAR is one of the most debilitating of the Stresses in life.  With Excess Stress being believed to be the biggest cause of Mental and Physical Illness today.  You would only have to look at Louise Hay’s book ‘'Heal Your Life'’ to come to that conclusion.  Excessive Stress being the most relevant factor in the cause of Mental, Emotional and Physical Ill Health.


The Top 10 Stressors in the Holmes and Rahe Stress Test for both Adults and Non-Adults would indicate to me that they all relate to some sort of FEAR.  From what I can ascertain mostly ‘FEAR of the FUTURE’ and this relates at a higher degree to Adolescents and Non-Adults.


Holmes and Rahe Stress Test – Wilkipedia.org (Top10)





Life Event                                                                Life Change Units


Death of a spouse                                                       100

Divorce                                                                        73

Marital separation                                                         65

Imprisonment                                                               63

Death of a close family member                                     63

Personal injury or illness                                               53

Marriage                                                                      50

Dismissal from work                                                     47

Marital reconciliation                                                    45

Retirement                                                                  45




Life Event                                                                Life Change Units


Death of parent                                                           100

Unplanned pregnancy/abortion                                     100

Getting married                                                            95

Divorce of parents                                                        90

Acquiring a visible deformity                                          80

Fathering a child                                                          70

Jail sentence of parent for over one year                         70

Marital separation of parents                                         69

Death of a brother or sister                                            68

Change in acceptance by peers                                     67


With FEAR comes the FIGHT or FLIGHT Response and I am sure that at some time in our life we have all experienced as little as Butterflies in our Stomach where some experience the feeling of being Frozen in their Tracks but for many FEAR may lead to bouts of Anxiety or Depression which are feelings that are difficult to relate to anyone else who has not had this experience.  They feel alone at times in their plight.


The Stress factor is a necessity to life and without it Life itself would probably be non-existent or at least dull and uninteresting.  A small amount of Stress in Life can be an encouragement to do better and make improvements where deemed necessary or give you reason to overcome obstacles in your way.  The Stresses brought about by FEAR although debilitating are a Natural Response when the Person feels threatened in some way and the first step to alleviating this Stress is to realise that it is not that there is something wrong with you personally and that you are not alone.


It has been said of FEAR as being   F.alse  E.vidence  A.ppearing  R.eal  and one way of explaining this is that we do not tend to ‘Live in the Now’  (taken from Eckhart Tolle's CD and YouTube Video of the same name)  It is natural for our Mind to make up stories using Past and Present circumstances to consider the possibilities of Future events that it thinks will encroach on our space and whether Real or Unreal the reaction is the same – Fight or Flight Response.  Sometimes the thought of the possible coming event can be more FEARFUL than it actually happening   There is HOPE.  I wish to continue from this in my next Blog and bring to mention some ways of coping with Fear and Stress in our LIVES..




Lifes Hopes, Dreams and Knowledge

On the Winds of Time did Foliage

Now Rest at our Feet

As in an Open-Air College


We are in Our Universal Autumn

Where Some Even Seemed Forgotten

Every Thought and Belief

From Now and those Passed on, Begotten


It May be but a Good Thing Yet

If this Planet Should Conclude

For, Though as Earthlings, We Are

Our Spirits Would be not Tied


Of This Should You Be Afraid

Fear is Only of the Unknown

As Death has been Unseen By Us

To Spirit – Just a Stepping Stone


Chris Reynolds  © 1996








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