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HOPE - Release the grips of FEAR and STRESS.

March 28, 2020

FEAR  and  STRESS  Part 2


There are solutions to overcome Fear and Stress.  I believe that coping with Fear and Stress in our lives is no easy task.  I feel though that there are ways around finding ourselves in a never-ending cycle, which is so often the case with many people, opening the avenue to a more serene outlook of ones life


Although I do not strictly agree with Susan Jeffers’ book ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ I would agree in as much that as we move forward we face varied outcomes.  My feelings would also be that before making any drastic or radical changes to your way of life, that you preferably take into consideration the possible consequences regards either direction, before taking the Leap of Faith.  Not forgetting that in moving in another direction may not only be the solution to problems but may lead to an even more Stressful situation.


As Susan says, doing what you are afraid of and facing your fears could certainly bring you into different aspects of your life.  It is with my considerations though that, as in situations we become afraid of, there is usually a way forward, if only we could look towards that with the view that as one door closes another opens.  Realising that you are only able to change the things that you can and  let go of the stresses you can’t change.


When the opportunity arises give in to some light-hearted laughter.  It will lift your vibration.  If you smile it is difficult to still feel sad.


I would suggest that if you Pray for relief from your stresses in life be patient as the answers can come in mysterious ways and perhaps in disguise.  Be open to new possibilities and let your patience guide you through your stressful times.


It could be a good idea to find forgiveness for yourself and others.  Holding on to anger and disappointment can be more damaging to you than those you direct them at.


After many years of dealing with Fears and Stresses in my life I have adopted a Moto ‘Get Out From Under – Be Happy’


Should you decide to take up the challenge of changing direction then I would suggest to try treating it as if you are not carrying the problems with you into your new way of life but rather use the challenges that come in front of you, and they will, as stepping stones across a Ford of the river rather than an obstacle course blocking you from either your advance or retreat.  Often referred to as coming up against the proverbial ‘Brick Wall’.


Whatever you do – that is – stay where you are or find new directions – Consider Life as a Series of New Beginnings.


Having mentioned ‘Living in the Now’ in my previous Blog I would like to say here that this is not always easy to do, especially when you are under the grips of the Fearful or Stressful situation.  Therefore it is my suggestion that you take the opportunity should it arise to venture outside to visit the world around you.  Reflect for a few moments, not on the problems which were encompassing you, but rather on the things that you can be grateful for.  Such as the sky above you and the earth beneath your feet, the trees, plants and animals we share this planet with and those that protect us.  For instance, the fact that the trees replenish our oxygen supply and house the birds of the air.


Driving can be stressful so become a passenger sometimes with someone you trust.  Relax and enjoy the journey and the destination.  Or why not go for a walk and as they say take the time to Smell the Roses.


You may find pleasure in dancing.  You do not need to have a partner to dance with and you could even dance in the kitchen.


Then I would like you if you can – not necessarily look within but rather look from within – in a sense being a witness to yourself and how you fit within your surroundings.  This is actually a form of Meditating and I suppose you thought you could not meditate.  Actually you could take it upon yourself to meditate when you are doing many things.  Even when you are washing the dishes, hanging out the clothes or even ironing..  Meditating just means that you are making your mind still or focusing on one thing at a time.


Going for a walk can be a form of meditation and when I walk I feel as if my very foot steps are my way of communicating with God.  It is good if you can sit or lie down and get your breathing right when you meditate but not everyone is at ease or able to do this.  Be it for the lack of time or any other reason, I would feel that it would be defeating the purpose if in order to meditate we had to force ourselves into certain positions or allocate time slots.  Needless to say timing of the experience.


You could do some form of enjoyable or creative task such as card making or drawing or painting (even if that is painting a room or a house) as this can become a form of  meditation.


As I explain on my website www.reikichiassist.com participation in Reiki and/or an Aroma Back and Foot Treatment and/or Aroma Hand Treatment can assist with Stress management.


Hoping this Blog was helpful.  There is a lot more that I could probably have included in these 2 Blogs in particular so should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave your feedback beneath this Blog.  Alternatively, you may wish to email me from my website on the Contact Me page.


The following is some Prose I wrote after going through some despair in my own life.


Call it ‘The Dependant’s Prayer’.


GOD grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change….

          Courage to change the things I can and

          Wisdom to know the difference.


For the granting of Serenity, Courage and Wisdom.


In order to be released from our dependency on things in our lives it may take a level of these three ingredients to encourage the development of our Independence. It may also take some understanding to realise that whilst we are working towards our own independence we may, most likely, be working alongside others who hold dear to themselves these same goals and in order to avoid friction and in order to not give up nor give in to being dominated it may be better to give Leigh way to the situations happening around oneself in order to allow a certain amount of direction for your own freedom (a bit of give and take – or at times, mere frustration) but then again is it not at times the essence of frustration that brings about the characteristics of these three wishes or prayer items.


I personally have looked to this prayer for many years.  It could be said that at many times it has been very much a great involvement in my life but until now I have found that I have been looking at each goal independently.  Then it came to me that you can look at them as another integral threesome (a Trinity) stand them alongside each other and they can be as a three pronged fork (say a weapon for attack and defence) yet braid them together like a friendship band with each strand working with and for the other and you truly have a tool to work with and develop your life the way you would like it to be.


To my way of thinking it takes a lot of Courage and Wisdom to be Serene and Accept – also it takes much Serenity and Courage in finding the knowledge and acknowledgements to develop Wisdom and in return it can take Serenity and a lot of Wisdom to find direction for your Courage.


I believe that we are all given these things to a certain degree (some as salt, some as pepper but all as condiments – seasonings - to our lives.  The flavour and degree could be our own to choose.  I see it this way – confidence has a part to play, as also has recognition.  I recognise them as God given gifts for us to accept that they exist in us, to have the Courage to utilize them and the Wisdom of knowing when and to what degree.  A bit like ‘Pull yourself together and Stand as One.’


© Chris Reynolds 1995



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