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Stresses of Wedding Planning

August 26, 2018

"Reiki has been known to assist in removing the stresses associated with wedding planning"


Sometimes there are stressful effects placed upon a couple following the announcement of their Engagement. Usually having a considerable time to await their ‘Big Day’.
There may be an input of suggestions, or interference, as to how things should come about, from those around them.  Creating a Syndrome of much un-desired Stress.


At times this may give those involved the feeling that they would rather elope. Why though should they miss out on this joyous day of Celebrations with Friends and Family, being those they Love.

In itself even without this interference there is a Stress Factor relating to the Fear of the Unknown that comes about after the decision to Marry is made.  Some of the factors relating to this Stress being:




  • Living in the Life of Commitment with continued Love and Happiness

  • Being accepted by Your partner on Your wedding day and on into the Future

  • Will you look the part and be Accepted by those around You

  • Will Your Life change dramatically

  • What if we have or don’t have children

  • Would we be able to Nurture those children as a team

  • Will we be able to provide a Home for ourselves/and our children

  • Who to Invite and Invitations

  • More so realising who you are unable to invite

  • Which Cake will we choose

  • What clothes will we wear – and 'The DRESS'


The list appears to go on and on:


This can bring about the FIGHT or FLIGHT  response in turn bringing about the Age old situation of ‘COLD FEET’  which can end up in a seemingly never-ending cycle from JOY to FEAR to GLOOM to RESPONSIVE  ACTION to JOY.


It is said that the definition of FEAR is: F.alse E.vidence A.ppearing R.eal.  Therefore, with it being somewhat ‘False’ we should be able to approach things in a ‘Quantum’ manner and bend our own reality to overcome our Fears.


Further information on fear may be found in my previous Blogs


At Reiki Chi Assist, Reiki and of course joining together with an Aroma Therapeutic Back and Hand Indulgence, you would find some Exquisite Taylor Made Pampering  Packs inclusive of Brief Meditations designed specifically to free you from stress on your journey to your Special Day.  Bringing you comfortably to that which lies Beyond.


My Practice concentrates on Relieving the adverse effects of Excess Stress from your Life and following the Session it would be usual to bring about a more Restful Sleep to You.  Should you choose to indulge you may also benefit from the use of Essential Oils.

Together with a Meditation and peaceful music You may find a space that may take you to the point of Bliss.
With the Aroma Therapeutic Back and Hand Treatments You would feel relaxed and Nurtured.  Bringing you to a point where you feel appreciated and appreciative of partaking in the Scent of the 4 to 9 Essential Oils being caressed with a smooth gentle rhythm over your back and hands.  It is a Therapeutic Treatment for Stress Relief and Immune Support with additional benefits.

If you would like to bring a New Balance to your life and relieve Past Trauma bring your experiences to Reiki Chi Assist and the doors to the Universe will open up to you.  Unlike other Treatment areas there is no need to discuss your past in depth and relive old Traumatic experiences.  Reiki knows where it is needed and will go there although intention may assist in Your Emotional and Mental Growth.

At Reiki Chi Assist you just may find yourself in a Blissful State of Relaxation.  Married together with a sense of humour.


It might well be that Your Life could open up to new Opportunities.  All that is asked is that you attend with an open mind with the Will to Nurture Your Body, Mind and Spirit.  Take care as caring is what comes with treatments at Reiki Chi Assist.


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